Product Offerings

Liability Elimination in Vehicle Transactions

A vigilant tracking of all transacted vehicle minimizing and eliminating the liabilities towards the seller.

Reduce the regulatory risk to seller.

Vehicle Usage Risk Assessment

Score based model to evaluate vehicle usage to understand the potential risk of default.

Help predict Loss and encumbrances before Repo.

Strategic Vehicle Pricing

Empowering businesses with a market leading 5 prong vehicle Pricing Strategy

Enabling prudent decision making, better realizations.

AI-Driven Asset Condition Analysis

State of the art AI/ML Based evaluation service of all types of movable assets. Resulting accurate vehicle conditions.

Standardized and transparent data.

Key Highlights

Predictive POS LOSS

Predictive POS LOSS for Every Asset Utilize Otobids POS Loss calculator to predct Point of Sale losses accurately.

Title Verification

E authenticity by matching chassis and RC details.

Vehicle History

Verify vehicle usage and road relevance through Vahan, Blacklist, Fast Tag and Challan cheks.

Tax and Fitness Liability

Assess tax and fitness liabilities to etermine marketability.


Risk Identification

Identify potential high-risk cases early and implement corrective measures promptly.

Cross-Selling Opportunities

Leverage insights for potential cross-selling of insurnce products.

Refinance/Top-Up Loan Programs

Design refinance or top-up loan programs in advance based on comprehensive risk assessment.